Steve was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and started performing in front of audiences while still in elementary school. He subsequently lived in Memphis, toured the states with a show band from Jackson, Mississippi, relocated to Los Angeles and worked in various fairly big time show biz situations. He moved with his family to New Orleans in 1998, and lived there till Katrina forced him full circle back to Shreveport.
During 18 years in L. A., Steve honed his skills and worked in a great variety of situations in the fertile music scene collectively known as Hollywood. Dozens of original bands vying for a shot at the big time had Steve as their sax man. There were record sessions and jingle work for him, recording national level TV spots in the truly elegant studios of L. A. Los Angeles was great fun and very eye opening for Steve, working with and rubbing elbows with big name entertainers.
Steve landed a touring position in Rita Coolidge’s band. He toured worldwide with her for 11 years of great traveling and performing, including Europe, Australia, Japan, Indochina, Hong Kong, and any and everywhere in the US. He also developed as a songwriter and composer while living in L.A., getting his orginal work on films, national TV shows and the releases of various recording artists.
Steve and family moved to New Orleans in 1998. He worked on Bourbon Street till the wee hours the first few years, still writing songs and stories, and thriving. He produced several projects of his own in his studio there. He received a grant from the State of Louisiana Division of the Arts to apply to the completion of his album ‘Bourbon Street Blues’, and he also was in the final stages of finishing an all-instrumental album called ‘Pure Music’. Katrina and the failure of the levees that protected his lakeview home forced the unplanned detour to northern Louisiana in August, 2005.
This sad season was further exaserbated by the deaths of Steve's parents, Juanetz and Jack, very soon after but not related to the cataclismic storm. He and his family setted into their new envioronment, where they were to reside for the next 2 years. Steve hustled music work with a vengeance in the place of his childhood, starting the Steveport Jazz Combo with partner Dr. Doug Rust, working as a 2, 3, or 4 piece group in restaurants and private events in the area. He has appeared at all the top venues in town, and taught music in classrooms ranging from LSU Shreveport to middle schools to elementary schools. Shreveport was proven to be a welcoming host to Steve Allen and his family. They knew what it means to miss New Orleans, but had been very grateful to have found a safe haven in northern Louisiana.
And now, as of the end of July, 2007, he and his family have completed the restoration of their home in New Orelans and are again happily living there, yet with no intention of giving up their port-in-a-storm in the 'high elevations' of northern Louisiana.