I write stories and non fiction. In fact, my writing career is a kind of fiction. Or even possibly an affliction. Please, you be the judge!
I have been writing non-rhyme for a good while now. It's nice to be free of all the constraints of songwriting. My initial inspiration was a bigger than life character I met in Vegas in the 80's named Steve Douglas....

I completed a screenplay, "Shady Side of the Street". to much praise and modest
interest from production companies. want to read it? (copies available)

I wrote the short story,
"Diggin' Up Elvis", which received accolades from the Falkner House
annual writing contest. It's about 20 pages, so click and settle in.

I wrote a short essay that got published in New Orleans Magazine called
'New Orleans and the Other Side' that I'm proud of.

I wrote this series of "instant fiction" snippets, one published in a collection
called Saturday Afternoon Journal, and one published in Where Y'at Magazine.
"The Martini That Saved My Life", "Appointment with Nobody", "Reflection in the Dark", "Love for Lunch (Seperate Checks)"

I'm currently stalled on the writing of a first novel, titled, "Bourbon Street Blues". It starts like this.

I went to Hong Kong before Thanksgiving in '06. It seems like a shorter time, but it was well into the second year of our Katrina displacement. read all about it.