Hello there. A lot of these pieces were written for film or TV projects that I was spec-ing for, and some that I was sucessful with. Some were written cold just as experiments in styles or to satisfy a creative urge on my part, and some were written for TV commercials or other industry video projects. Enjoy!
Stephen Allen Instrumental Compositions by Category

all compositions ©Memphis Mangler Music-ASCAP

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Techno Influence Instrumentals

What Is Zip?

Oh Yeah?

Spy Device


Mud Machine

Funk and Soul Instrumentals


Soul Papa

Inst. Back In Love Again

Cultured Caveman


Armadillo Gumbo

12 Bar Crawl

Big Easy Shuffle

Themes and Pretty Things

To Kill For

Nicht Fur Helena

Monkey Theme

Quark Noir

Left Banque Lament

Moira's Theme

Dogwalker Theme

Sneaky Cue

Sleeping Tiger and The Pearl


Jazz, Latin, Rock Grooves

Tango With A Soprano

Monkey Island

Blue Smoke Lounge

Juanetz by the Sea


Flautula's Dream

Biento e Tormenta

Swingin' the Club

Busy Boogie

The Traveler

Del's Famous Mint