Hello, and thanks for visiting my site. I've written and produced original music for TV and radio commercials, any length, and longer background music for industrial films. I even have a feature length film to my credit.
co wrote the soundtrack and source music for "To Kill For", Columbia-Tri Star, starring Micheal Madsen, broadcast on HBO and Cinemax, and overseas networks.

composer and musical director for "You Got That Right", a series about the Bill of Rights for Mississippi Public Televison. starring Alfre Woodard.

co wrote "Gumbo Coalition", the theme for Mayor Marc Morial's (Mayor of New Orleans) re-election celebration.

wrote "Busy Boogie", for "Orleans", starring Larry Hagman, CBS Television, broadcast 1/97. (see clip)

co wrote and co produced "Back In Love Again", heard on "Frankenstein" and "Models Inc.", a cable movie and a TV show.

my melody on a beautiful Yokohama Tire spot.(see clip)

wrote comical music for a Terminix spot that featured Debbie, my wife.

many spec themes and cues written for Hollywood movies and TV shows that were passed on or the show didn't make it to air. including: Swingers-HBO pilot, 20 Bucks, L.A. Confidential, Eleven Rue Royal, The Dogwalker, Sightings, Elvis Meets Nixon, Dellaventura, Black Jaq, Buddy Farrow, L.A. Sheriff's Homicide, Tony Bravo.... (could go on, but too painful)

please click here to see an extensive list of Steve's orginal instrumental compositions